Ethics & Malpractice Statement

In our age of Commerce, Economics, Computer, IT & Management which is marked with fast pace of research & development, a group of intellectuals felt the need to have some platform, where young and budding managers and academicians could express their views and discuss the problems among their peers to catch up with the time.


This journal has been introduced to give an opportunity for expressing refined and innovative ideas in this field. It is our humble endeavour to provide a springboard to the upcoming specialists and give a chance to know about the latest in the sphere of research and knowledge. We have taken a small step and we hope that with the active co-operation of like-minded scholars, we shall be able to serve the society with our humble efforts. This journal was conceived with this noble intention in view. The Journal gives priority to intellectual, academic and ethical standards to its business needs.


IeJCM is a monthly double-blind peer reviewed refereed open access International e-Journal - Included in the International Serial Directories as well as number of other International directories, which provide instant, worldwide and barrier-free access to the full-text of all published manuscripts to all interested readers in the best interests of the research community.


Mission of IeJCM To provide a platform to budding as well as experienced managers and academicians to express their views and experiences freely for the betterment of the entire Commerce, Economics, Computer, IT & Management community.


Policies of the Journal regarding publication

01. Publication of material in IeJCM Journal is a direct reflection of quality research work done by authors. The prevention of publication malpractice is one of the important responsibilities of our editorial board.

02. It is expected from every author that they will submit accurate information's and sufficient details relevant to their research paper.

03. Any kind of unethical behaviour is not acceptable. IeJCM journal does not tolerate any kind of plagiarism and is committed for upholding the highest standards of publication ethics and takes all possible measures against any publication malpractices.

04. Authors submitting articles to IeJCM Journal, affirm that the contents of this manuscript are original.

05. Authors ought to mention the actually utilised references in the preparation of manuscript and they are supposed to follow Harvard Style of Referencing.

06. If the research has been funded by any agency etc., kindly mention the same.

07. Authors also affirm that all the co-authors have seen the submitted version of the manuscript and have agreed to their inclusion of names as co-authors.

08. Furthermore, they give undertaking that their article has neither been published elsewhere in any language fully or partly, nor is it under review for publication anywhere.


Role of the Editors with IeJCM

For achievement of our vision the editors are committed to

01. Maintain the integrity of the research process.

02. The foremost duty of the Editor is to provide its readers an excellent reading material, which enhances their enlightenment. The Journal should be a source of pleasurable reading as well as providing knowledge.

03. Support freedom of expression.

04. Work on constant improvement of research.

05. Accept, reject or ask for modification in the manuscript, wherever needed, without compromising the quality.

06. Never compromising with the intellectual contents, without discrimination of gender, race, religion, citizenship etc. of the authors.

07. Rather than concentrating on quantity, focus on the quality of the research.

08. Information regarding manuscripts and authors to be kept confidential.

09. The papers published to bring benefit to all the readers and authors.

10. Never compromising with the standards of the academic community.

11. The reviewer’s identities must not be disclosed at any cost.

12. Reviewers must be told about everything what is expected from them.

13. Willing for clarification and apologies, wherever needed.

14. Provide the appropriate guidelines and procedure for forwarding the complaints.

15. Criticism of the published work must be given an opportunity; seen, reviewed, encouraged and published if correct.

16. Editor must ensure that each manuscript is initially evaluated by the editor/co-editor, who may make use of appropriate software to examine the originality of the contents of the manuscript and after passing this test, manuscript is forwarded to two referees for blind peer review, and each of whom will make a recommendation to publish the manuscript in its present form or to modify or to reject the same. The review period will be from a week to one month (Maximum two months in extra ordinary circumstances).

17. New editors should not make any changes in the list of manuscripts already accepted by the previous one, unless any serious problem is identified.

18. Healthy debate should be given a space.

19. The editor must ensure that every manuscript received by the Journal is reviewed for their intellectual content without considering sex, gender, race, religion, citizenship etc. of the authors.

20. The editor must ensure that Information regarding manuscripts submitted by the authors is kept confidential and manuscripts are double-blind peer reviewed by editorial board members.

21. The editor of the journal can use unpublished materials disclosed in submitted manuscript for his own research only after taking written consent of the author.

22. In case, the editor suspect misconduct, he must not ignore, rather investigate the matter and take an appropriate action. All reasonable attempts must be made to reach to a solution to the problem.

23. Should declare the advertisement policies of the journal very clearly and correctly. The standard of the content of the advertisement should be made clear.

24. Editor must have a clear cut system to solve the any intra-conflict within the staff of the Journal.


IeJCM’s expectations from its Reviewers

01. CONFIDENTIALITY: Information regarding manuscripts submitted by authors should be kept confidential and be treated as privileged information.

02. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SOURCES: Reviewers of manuscript must ensure that authors have acknowledged all sources of data used in the research. Any kind of similarity or overlap between the manuscripts under consideration or with any other published paper which is in personal knowledge of reviewer must immediately be brought in notice of the editor.

03. STANDARDS OF OBJECTIVITY: Review of submitted manuscripts must be done objectively and the reviewers should express their views clearly with supporting arguments.

04. PROMPTNESS: In Case, any reviewer feels that it is not possible for him/her to complete review of manuscript within stipulated time then the same must be communicated to the editor, so that the same could be sent to any other reviewer.

05. OBJECTIVITY: They must judge the manuscript objectively.


IeJCM’s expectations from its Authors

01. REPORTING STANDARDS: Authors should submit their original research after preparing the same as per the submission guidelines of the journal.

02. DATA ACCESS AND RETENTION: Authors should also provide raw data related with their manuscript for editorial review and must retain such data.

03. ORIGINALITY: Authors must ensure that they have written entirely original work.

04. MULTIPLE, REDUNDANT OR CONCURRENT PUBLICATIONS: Author should not submit same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently. It is also expected that the author should not publish redundant manuscripts or manuscripts describing same research in more than one journal.

05. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SOURCES: Authors should acknowledge all sources of data used in the research and cite publications that have been influential in research work.

06. AUTHORSHIP OF THE PAPER: Authorship should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to conception, design, execution or interpretation of the reported study. Others who have made significant contribution must be listed as co-authors. Authors also ensure that all the authors have seen and agreed to the submitted version of the manuscript and their inclusion of names as co-authors.

07. HAZARDS AND HUMAN OR ANIMAL SUBJECTS: If the work involves chemicals, procedures or equipment that has any unusual hazards inherent in their use, the author must clearly identify these in their manuscript. If the work involves the use of animal or human subjects, the author should ensure that the manuscript contains a statement that all procedures were performed in compliance with relevant laws and institutional guidelines and that the appropriate institutional committee (s) has approved them. Authors should include a statement in the manuscript that informed consent was obtained for experimentation with human subjects. The privacy rights of human subjects must always be observed.

08. DISCLOSURE OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Sources of Financial support, if any, must be clearly disclosed.

09. FUNDAMENTAL ERRORS IN PUBLISHED WORKS: If at any point of time, author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in submitted manuscript then the same must be reported to the editor.


IeJCM’s responsibilities towards its esteemed Readers

01. The authors are encouraged to share every type of research which would help in improving the vision of the reader.

02. The authors are also encouraged to mention the funding agencies for their research work.


IeJCM’s social responsibility

To provide an overall sharing and transfer of experiences and views of the enlightened individuals by their research work to make the society more learned.